Where can I get CieloBlu gowns in Italy?

For the moment, they are only available at our showroom in Lissone, in the province of Monza and Brianza. It’s only a 15-minute train ride from Milano to our showroom.

Are all your gowns made to order?

Yes. The trial pieces used to choose a model are samples of the collections, while each gown delivered to a bride is customized, made to measure and made to order.
This is why it’s important to choose and order your gown in atimely manner (around 4-6 months before the wedding).Please, notice that our gowns are actually made-to-measure dresses: once you have chosen a design from the collection, we make it up to fit you. Every gown is a personal dress, manufactured in Italy by the atelier. We also offer couture or bespoke service in Italy.

If I order online, how do you make sure the dress fits my measurements?

Once the material is cut, the gown is finished on the proper adjustable mannequins, doing fittings and determining the necessary adjustments, as if you were wearing the dress.

Do you sell gowns online for fuller figures?

Yes, but in such cases we strongly advise to find a professional tailor nearby who will be able to take all measurements and make any necessary adjustments. We also recommend purchasing the gown at least 6-8 months before the wedding.

What if I would order online and then could come in Italy for fittings?

Wonderful! Of course, you can order online your gown and then make an Appointment for last fittings at our showroom in Italy. Advance booking is necessary to ensure you the best assistance. We will be glad to welcome you as a Guest Bride (1 night hotel accomodation for 2 people) and we will reserve a special rush service for you o make alterations that may be necessary. You will be able to try your wedding dress on, and pick it up if you like, or get it delivered at your address.

I’m on a diet and my measurements may change. What should I do?

In our experience, the best thing to do is to plan the making of your dress as near as possible to the wedding date.
In any case, we usually suggest that you stop dieting in time to have a period of maintaining your weight. Your doctor or nutritionist can help you with this.

Can I request variations in color or changes in the gown I choose?

Yes, variations can be made, but not always. Laces, for example, are often one-of-a-kind and alternatives are not available. If the gown is made with colored accents, you can choose to have the gown in a solid color. Fabrics, however, can be obtained in the requested shade or color, or, if not on the market, we can dye the fabric ourselves. This occurs, however, only if it is appropriate for the fabric and if, in our experience, we believe the highest quality result can be achieved.
Your requests are important when creating a wedding dress that truly reflects your unique personality and style, so please feel free to give us any requests.


Can I purchase accessories for my gown at CieloBlu?

Yes, but only some accessories. We have a range of accessories such as: veils, stoles, shawls and gloves. As for lingerie, hairstyling and footwear, sales can only be made at the atelier. Images on our site picture our gowns complete with accessories which we can provide upon request (the cost of accessories will be added to the price of the gown).

Shoes to match the dress: what should I do?

We can provide a fabric sample of the dress that you purchased to make it easier for you to obtain dyed footwear. Shipping expenses to mail the sample are complementary without an additional cost to you. We have just one bit of advice: choose your dress ahead of time! The sooner we can send you the sample, the more time you’ll have available to find the right shoes. If you would rather have made-to-order shoes using the fabric of the dress, we can send you the amount of cloth requested by the manufacturer. This service has a fee and will be quoted based on the value of the fabric.

Are the accessories paired with the models in the photos included in the quoted price?

No, the cost refers only to the gown. All accessories can be changed according to various tastes and needs. The final price of the gown can be determined only after deciding on all accessories and any changes or variations, with the relative costs.


How much time do I need to make a gown?

A standard timeline doesn’t exist, but we generally require that the gown be ordered around 4-6 months before the date of the wedding. This amount of time allows us to best complete the various steps of purchasing, creation and shipping.

I don’t have much time and the wedding is only 2 months away: is it too late to get my dress from you?

No, it’s not too late. It is certainly possible to rush this our standard timeline, with the right choices and a concentrated schedule. In this case, changes in color and fabric cannot be made. We But don’t worry! We can advise you in the solution that best meets your needs and help you with a customized and flexible service. Contac us now!


What are the conditions for paying for my gown?

Full advance payment is requested, and delivery costs are included. Payment can be made through a wire transfer, which is a safe and easy method of payment, or by credit card (offline procedure only, to ensure data security).
Once we have received notification that payment has been completed, we will send you an email to inform you that your gown is being created. We will also email you when it has been shipped.